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Private Walking Track New Zealand Guided Walking Tours Kaikoura

One of New Zealandís most spectacular private walking tracks is just north of Kaikoura township on the South Islandís east coast


Embraced by majestic mountains and a multi-hued ocean, the beautiful seaside town of Kaikoura offers a multitude of unique activities, by land or sea, and provides oportunities for either the intrepid adventure-seeker or the most dedicated relaxation buff. In Maori legend, Maui placed his foot upon the Kaikoura Peninsula to steady himself while he 'fished-up' the North Island.

The Maori name Kaikoura translates to 'meal of crayfish'. Today, seafood and the unsurpassed diversity of marine life and marine-based activities are as popular as the culture, walkways and scenery for which Kaikoura has always been famous. The first whaling station was established here in 1843 but, after a period of prosperity, whalers turned to an alternative means of existence when the numbers of these giant cetaceans dwindled and farming and fishing became primary activities.

Southern Hemisphere Whale Sanctuary

Today, the local economy is underpinned by tourism which provides the bulk of employment opportunites. Fortunately for the marine mammals, Kaikoura lies within the Southern Hemisphere Whale Sanctuary.

Beyond its scenic magnificence, culinary delights and legendary status within Maori culture, few places in the world can satisfy adventure and eco-tourism oriented activities the way Kaikoura does. Travellers visiting from all parts of the globe now delight in experiences such as encounters with sperm whales, acrobatic dusky dolphins, albatross and fur seals.

The mountains also hold many secrets. Seldom does a mountain range drop so dramatically into the sea - this allows visitors to Kaikoura Wilderness Walks to sample a huge range of eco systems in their short foray "into the world of the gods!"

On shore, visitors are able to take part in all manner of activities - Maori Tours, walks and hikes, ATV (all terrain vehicle) or 4WD motorbike tours and much, much more. We suggest Albatross Encounter which offers the opportunity to see the Hutton's Shearwaters out on the water having flown down from their burrows at 6,500ft. Check out further activity links here